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Deeply In You - Sharon Page

The Wicked Dukes #1
Historical Erotic Romance
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“An erotic romance with an HEA”


Deeply in You is the first book in the new series The Wicked Dukes by Sharon Page and tells about Helena Winsome who is forced to spy on the Duke of Greyson in exchange for her brother’s debts.  She poses as a governess of the Duke’s sister but when she unknowingly captures his attention, she desperately decides to become his mistress instead.


I thought there was a good mix between the romance and the erotics in this story which is exactly what I want in my erotic romance.  Initially, we are introduced to Helena, a sister of a newspaper editor who is posing as a governess to try to save her brother and her family.  I see her as a strong and independent woman and it showed in the first few chapters.  There was a little bit of an about face once she became Grey’s mistress, though.  I felt that her strength and independence disappeared as she fell in love with Grey.


Grey is another dark hero and the type that I love.  He has been deeply scarred and abused as a child by both of his parents, no less and he views his life as dark.  He doesn’t let anyone close to him at all and only keeps mistresses for a short time.  That is, until her meets Helena.  With Helena, he becomes a changed man and changes for the better.


I also love the Grey’s backstory.  Because of an incident involving his younger sister, he is on a mission to save females from abuse and he gets blackmailed by someone who knows that his childhood friend, Lady Blackbriar is pregnant by someone other than her husband.  So yes, there are two blackmails happening in the story.


The mystery surrounding the two different blackmails is a little bit confusing.  In fact, I hard a hard time connecting the the person who was blackmailing Helena to spy on Grey so that she can find evidence that the Duke has been selling secrets to the French.  This was not very well explained and I could not understand why when the Duke didn’t seem to be involved in politics at all.  The blackmail between Grey and Lady Blackbriar was a good one but was also a little confusing.  By all accounts, he was not spending a lot of time with Lady Blackbriar and could not be suspected as the man who got her pregnant in the first place.


I also had problems with the title and the cover because they don’t feel like a historical romance but a contemporary romance.


I gave this 4 hearts because of the overall romance of the story and not the mystery.