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Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

Cruel Beauty - Rosamund Hodge, Elizabeth Knowelden

Narrated by: Elizabeth Knowelden
Young Adult Classic Retelling
Balzer + Bray
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"Dark and Different"


I admit that I had never heard of this book before but when it was recommended at audible as something that I might like, I decided to buy it.  Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.  I am a fan of Disney's version and I love Belle but this book is not it.  It is a classic retelling set in a different place interspersed with Greek mythology (Cupid and Psyche's story).


The place, Arcadia, is in a curse brought about by the selfish prince's bargain with the Kindly Ones.  Arcadia is a grey and sad place.  Crops have stopped growing, there is no sky, there is no sun.  People now rely on arcane-like magic for light and other things.  Nyx's father had bargained the Gentle Lord years ago for children and he was granted twins with the condition of giving up one when she comes of age so she can marry him.  Of course, everything you ask from the Gentle Lord has a price and for Nyx's father, it was the death of his wife in childbirth.  Because of this, Nyx blames herself and pushes everyone away, including her twin sister.


Why I like it:

  1. The story is odd, very odd.  The setting is different and the characters are different but I think it enhances the story.
  2. Dark.  I love that it is dark, a little bit Gothic.
  3. The world building was excellent.  Rosamund Hodge created another world and described it to detail where I can actually imagine what it looks like.
  4. It is very refreshing.  I love that Nyx, the heroine was not a damsel in distress waiting to be saved.  She was raised to defeat the Gentle Lord and save Arcadia and she tries to do it, despite knowing that she will die in the process.
  5. The mixture of the traditional Beauty and the Beast elements and Greek mythology are seamlessly written.  Although I did not see the fairy tale version of Beauty and the Beast because it was more based on Cupid and Psyche, it was mixed very well.
  6. Love that it is a standalone!  At LAST!


What I didn't like about it:

  1. The love triangle.  I've read a lot of long triangle stories but this just felt off and a little bit annoying at times.  When it is revealed who Ignifex and Shade are...well, let's just say that I thought it was a little stupid.
  2. I wanted the other twin sister Althea (?) to have her own story or to try to storm the Gentle Lord's castle and save her.  Or something to that effect.  She was planning to but she didn't follow through and she was a little bit selfish.
  3. The selfish father and the scheming aunt.  Need I say more?
  4. The story got a little confusing sometimes.  It was a little too much the last half of the book and if you aren't careful, you will get lost and confused.
  5. I hate the name Nyx.  Not very princess-y at all.


I know a few readers who didn't get it but I enjoyed this book a lot and gave it 5 stars because I listened to this via audiobook.  I might have felt differently had I read it instead.  A must listen.  Oh and yes, I had a hard time reviewing this book!



This was read by Elizabeth Knowelden and I liked it.  Her voice and pacing was perfect for the darker story, adding a sense of urgency to the story.  I probably wouldn't finish reading this book if I didn't listen to it in audio format because it did drag in certain parts.  However, with Knowleden's reading, it did not feel dragging at all and I did not have the urge to hit the forward button.  I give narration a 5.