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A Night with the Bride by Kate McKinley

A Night with the Bride - Kate McKinley

A Night with the Bride is Kate McKinley’s third book in her By Invitation Only series.  I had read Kate McKinley’s How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days and was blown away by the story despite it being a novella.  A Night with the Bride is another story, however.  I was really disappointed by the book, with the overall plot.  I guess this comes from my loving the last book that I read so I expected this to be just as good.


This is a novella and it read like a novella.  There was very little character building at all and I breezed through it in about an hour thinking that the story really lacked something…more.


The main characters Gabrielle and Nicholas are likeable enough but there really isn’t much to commend them both.  I felt that Gabriella was a bit flighty and didn’t grow to like her at all.  Nicholas, on the other hand is the type of hero that I like: brooding with a lot of baggage but he came off as too mean (for lack of a better word).  Maybe because there wasn’t more romance building between the two?


When it is finally revealed what Nicholas has been hiding and why he has a reputation to be unattainable, I didn’t really feel anything at all.  It just felt like fact and not something that I empathized with.


Although I did not like the plot, I must commend Ms. McKinley about writing the sex scenes.  They were really tastefully done and it drove the plot of the story.


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