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How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days (What Happens in Scotland) - Kate McKinley

How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days is the first book that I read from Kate McKinley and it won’t be my last!  I really had no expectation when I started reading this book.  In fact, this is the second read this year that I read a book of the same title.  That should be something of a negative, right?  Wrong!  I thoroughly enjoyed this book!  For a novella, it felt like a full length story to me.  In that I mean that the characters are fully developed AND a lot happened in the story.  I mean, I wanted the story to go on and on!


Lucas Alexander, the ninth Duke of Arlington is used to getting what he wants and he wants Pippa.  Because Pippa is a daughter of a tradesman, she isn’t accepted in the ton despite her wealth.  Lucas, however, is set on having her and had the gall to invite HER to her own engagement party with HIM.  Independent and spirited, Pippa refused his suit.  Lucas in turn makes a bargain that if he can seduce her in 10 days (on the day of their engagement party), she would be his.


I know it is a predictable story but the author’s writing style is superb and it felt really fresh and new!  I love the sparks between Lucas and Pippa.  Every interaction was fun and spicy.  Yes, the sex scenes were really steamy (but not erotic).  I ended up rooting for both of them to get their happy ever after.


I also liked the twist in the end.  I knew that there was a hook to Lucas’ suit and I liked that he fought for her love.


How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days is such a fun, fun read!  I can’t wait to read more of Kate McKinley’s books!


Oh, on a side note, I was intrigued about Pippa’s friend, Charles.  Please Ms. McKinley, write a book about him!


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