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His Forbidden Touch by Shelley Thacker

His Forbidden Touch (Stolen Brides Series) (Volume 2) - Shelly Thacker

Would you believe that I carted this book from the Philippines to Los Angeles?  I actually have my battered copy with me right now.  I know it’s a little worn out but believe me when I tell you that it is so because I have been re-reading this book multiple times?  Well, a couple of weeks ago, I won an audiobook copy of His Forbidden Touch and decided to listen to it.  Immediately.  This took on a whole new experience for me.


Chalons and Thuringia were at war for seven years.  Now that the war is over and Chalons has been defeated, peace negotiations are underway and one of the demands is Princess Ciara’s hand in marriage to Prince Daemon the evil king of Thuringia.  Because the rebels refuse to concede to the defeat, they attempt to kidnap Princess Ciara.  Fearing for his daughter’s life, King Aldric requested  the banished Royce St. Michael to be her guardian.  What happens on their journey to Thuringia is filled with adventure, romance, and love.


I absolutely love Ciara and Royce, especially their journey to love.  I liked that they hated each other due to prejudices of their station and of course, they were fighting their attraction for each other.  I also fell in love with Royce initially because he acted like the typical bad boy with a devil-may-care attitude and yet deep down, he was hiding major scars.


When I read this book years ago, I remember not being able to tell how Royce and Ciara would get their happily ever after because she was bound to marry Daemon.  I was blown away when I read it.  I did not expect that twist in the story.

This is definitely a page turner and despite reading it multiple times, I always feel like it is the first.


Another thing that I want to add about this book (that is not part of my review) is the quote: “You and no other, the heart conquers all.”  This is very personal to me because when I read it, it was right about the time where my then boyfriend (now my hubby) and I got into a pretty sticky situation.  So yes, “You and no other” has become really special to me.


I recommend this book if you love romance with adventure set in the Medieval period.



This book is narrated by Julia Motyka and I did not quite like it.  That is to say that I did not like the way she read Princess Ciara’s voice and I felt it too annoying maybe because she has a manlier voice?  The other voices she used were fine, though.  Despite that, I liked her pacing and the emotion that she put into the whole story.  I felt the adventure and the romance and I had no problem following through with her narration.


Originally posted on my blog I Heart Romance.

Audiobook was a contest prize hosted by author.

Source: http://www.eyeheartromance.com/his-forbidden-touch-by-shelley-thacker-audiobook-review