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Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare

Listening to Clockwork Princess was gripping, emotionally touching, and amazing!  The third and last book in the Infernal Devices Trilogy was not a let down.  Sure, it had the signs of closing and resolving all issues of the series but it didn’t disappoint.  If you followed my review from the Clockwork Angel to the Clockwork Prince, you would know how psyched I am about this book and this series.


Clockwork Princess starts off a couple of months after the end of Clockwork Prince where we were introduced to Cecily Herondale, Will’s youngest sister who came into the institute to be trained as a Shadowhunter.  We also see the continuation for Tessa and Sophie’s training by Gabriel and Gideon Lightwood.  I cannot continue giving a short summary without giving out spoilers but I will really try my best.  Please be aware that I may reveal spoilers so if that is not to your liking, just skip on and read my thoughts on the audiobook and the narration.  In this book, we finally find out the real reason why Benjamin (?) Lightwood, Gideon and Gabriel’s father is in league with Mortmain and why he wants Charlotte Bramwell out of the Institute.  Without spoiling much, I will only say that the Lightwood brothers are torn between family and Clave with Gideon choosing to join the Institute and Gabriel staying with his father.  With Benjamin (?) Lightwood was defeated, Gabriel joins forces with the team at the Institute while Charlotte still tries her best to keep her position, Tessa and Jem plan their wedding.  It is at this point where Will confesses his love to Tessa and Will and Jem’s relationship as parabatai are put to the ultimate test.


This book is just explosive!  I love the way the pace of the book felt.  I was almost waiting for a fight to pop in at any second – yes, it was that thrilling.  I love how the team joined forces – with Magnus helping Henry with his inventions (we see the origin of the portal that was used in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones).  The twists in the book where really unexpected.  From Jem to Will and Tessa to the attack on the Clave – I just cannot begin to describe how very well thought out it was.


When the final battle came, Ms. Clare did not disappoint!  It was very well written and full of thrills and surprises.  I wasn’t actually expecting the way Mortmain was defeated and how Tessa used her Clockwork Angel and her abilities to help in his defeat.

Overall, the book and the whole series was very well written.  The story was plotted out impeccably from the first book to the last.



The audiobook is narrated  by Daniel Sharman – a male.  I had doubts about why they picked him as the narrator.  I was wrong.  Daniel Sharman was the perfect pick to narrate the story.  Before I move forward, I would like to add that this book had a lot of declarations (emotional) by the male characters: Will and Jem.  By picking a male narrator, these declarations were multiplied tenfold in their emotion to move the listener.  To be honest, this was the only book that I cried.  Sharman’s reading was perfect and I would not change anything.  His calm voice, pacing and the different voices (even the female ones) he used where spot on.  It didn’t even bother me that his “female voices” did not sound feminine or female at all and I did not have any questions as the the gender of the character he was reading.  Narration is a definite 5!  If you want to read this book, I recommend picking up the audiobook instead.  You will not regret it!


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