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Redemption of the Duke by Gayle Callen

Redemption of the Duke - Gayle Callen

I was extremely disappointed with this story.  I enjoyed previous Gayle Callen books but this was tedious and just plain boring.


Although the Adam Chamberlin, the Duke of Rothford was intriguing, he became dull and not likeable early in the story.  I also did not relate to Faith at all and did not warm up to her immediately which is an odd thing for me.


I also had bad vibes with this book since I have read unsatisfactory reviews on this so far but I still forced myself to read it and waited until the last possible day to review it.


All in all, the story was just uninteresting and boring.  Both main characters where just blah and stereotypical and I did not see any spark between them.   I also really did not think much of Adam despite him trying to right all the wrongs that he did.


I am also unable to rate the heat level because I did not even get to that part yet.


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