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Fallen - Lauren Kate Fallen angels in love with mortals? Forbidden love? Fallen by Lauren Kate tells a story of a mortal, Luce who is reincarnated every 17 years to meet and fall in love with Daniel, a fallen angel. In this life, Luce and Daniel meet in a reform school where both try to fight their attraction to each other - with Daniel avoiding Luce and Luce fighting the attraction.

I thought this was going to be an interesting read but I was disappointed by the time I was reading the last three chapters. I was expecting that there would be a little back story about Luce and Daniel's "love story" from previous lives. Unfortunately, their relationship and how they fell in love was not as developed as I hoped it would. Even if there was a second book in the series (which I am reading right now), I think it still needed a little development with both the main character's relationship. I thought the story became ridiculous when some of the students at Sword and Cross (the reform school) were fallen angels as well. I did not expect that development in the story at all. The plot thickened when it was stated that the fallen angels are choosing sides e.g. good and evil, which I thought was pretty good.
I am now reading Torment, the second book in the series in hopes of finding answers. Fallen just left me hanging.