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Vampire Mine - Kerrelyn Sparks This book is the first one that I read in the series and I am now reading the back list! I had heard a lot about the Love at Stake Series but as I am not that fond of Paranormal Romance, I decided to skip it. However, I met Kerrelyn Sparks at the RT Booklovers Book Fair in Los Angeles in April and I got a signed copy of this book just for the heck of it.

I started reading this when I got home and I could not put it down! I enjoyed the sparks that flew between Connor and Marielle! And just imagine my surprise when I read that Marielle was a Fallen Angel and she was falling in love with a Vampire!

I did cringe at some parts where I thought the curse words were inappropriate especially when they were said in front of Marielle. However, I guess I could excuse this because Connor is a vampire? *shrugs* I did like how the author weaved in a few positive spiritual elements all throughout the story however, I thought the sex scene between Connor and Marielle was a bit awkward or I just felt awkward reading that part. I guess I was just thinking how unlikely an Angel and a Vampire having sex is.

Another element that I love about this book is the way the previous characters were weaved into the story. I love reading about the other characters and now that I am reading the back list, I am appreciating this even more.