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Skin in the Game

Skin in the Game - Jackie Barbosa I am not a fan of American football and I haven't read a lot of sports related romance so this is an unfamiliar genre for me. This turned out to be really quick read for me. I liked the plot and I am a sucker for ugly duckling type of romance so I loved reading about Angie and Cade.

Angie is the typical ugly duckling who blossomed into a swan and who had a crush on Cade back in high school. Cade, the star quarterback naturally does not pay any attention to her. Fast forward sixteen years and Cade is a quarterback in the NFL who was injured and is unable to play when he returns to his hometown and met Angela. Sparks begin to fly with Angie, not expecting anything but a one night stand. Further sparks fly when it is then revealed that Cade is there to take over as head coach, with Angie being the assistant coach for the local team.

I liked the story, however this ended up as an okay story for me. I thought there lacked something else to drive the story and it felt rushed with everything falling neatly into place, lacking any real conflict. It wasn't as hot as I expected a Brazen title to be and a Jackie Barbosa novel.