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Seducing the Princess - Mary Hart Perry Posted on my blog I Heart Romance

Mary Hart Perry is a new to me author and Seducing the Princess is the first book that I read. I was thoroughly blown away! I loved reading about Queen Victoria's youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice. Of course, I did a quick google search on her to read more about her and her life with the Queen. I am amazed at how the author seamlessly intertwined Princess Beatrice's story with the facts surounding her love match with Henry Battenberg.

The story was well written and I empathized with Princess Beatrice. Queen Victoria really seemed like the villain of the story. I can just imagine how hard it was for Beatrice growing up as her mother's shadow. The way the Queen treated Beatrice struck a chord in me and I could not help but hate the Queen for doing this to her youngest daughter. Beatrice comes off as an obedient and meek daughter, only following what the Queen commands her to do but deep inside, she cannot wait to leave and have a life of her own. This happens when she meets and falls in love with Henry.

Henry and Beatrice's love story was really sweet, I thought. I love the way that he went out of his way to get to know the Princess and helping her overcome her shyness and become a strong woman. I have to point out that all the characters are well developed and I find that this help drive the whole plot of the story. I felt that I knew them and that I was one of the Queen's daughters.

I also loved that there was another villain in the story in the form of Prince Gregory, another cousin. I like to think that a good story has to have a good villain and Gregory really fit the bill to a T. Although there is a minor villain in the form of Queen Victoria, I cannot see her as the ultimate villain even if she plays a part preventing a romance between Beatrice and Henry.