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City of Bones (Mortal Instruments, The)

City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare I started reading this book because I knew I wanted to read it before seeing the movie (and I did the right thing! More about the movie in different post).

This book was a slow start for me. In fact, I had to force myself to finish reading it in time for the movie. It wasn’t that I did not enjoy it, I did but the first few chapters did not catch my interest at all. I remember starting to read this a few years back but I couldn’t push through.

That being said, once I got into the story, I liked it. It was very well written and the pace was perfect for the length of the novel. I immediately identified with the characters despite them being a mishmash of different personalities. I also loved reading about an alternate universe/world of Shadowhunters, Angels and Demons. This is the first shadowhunter book that I read but not my first angel/fallen angel book that I read (see my review of Fallen & Torment by Lauren Kate).

My favorite character by far has to be Simon. And yes, I want Clary to open her eyes and see what she has in front of her. I even cheered when I found out that Jace was her brother (although, spoiler alert, it will be revealed that Jace is really not Clary’s brother). I also liked that it was Simon who saved them from the high demon when they went to get the cup from Clary’s neighbor.

When it is revealed that Hodge, Jace’s tutor and guardian of the Institute, was still working for Valentine, the action starts. We also get to meet the werewolves headed by Lucian Graymark/Luke Garroway who was a pack leader in New York and Clary’s uncle who she grew up with. It is also revealed that Lucian was Valentine’s second in command and Jocelyn Fairchild’s (Clary’s mother) best friend. When a fight breaks out in an abandoned hospital, we get to know who Valentine really is and who Jace is as well. Valentine is also Clary’s father.

The plot is pretty much predictable with a few surprising twists in the end. I really enjoyed the book and will finish reading the whole series.