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Everbound: An Everneath Novel

Everbound - Brodi Ashton Everbound is the second book of the Everneath series by Brodi Ashton. This book is not a stand alone and it basically will not make any sense to you if you skip reading the first book, Everneath. Read my Everneath review here which I basically did not give a lot of hearts for. Because I wasn’t to happy about the first book, I had been dragging about reading the sequel. In fact, I had borrowed it a few months ago from the library and ended up not reading it at all. Luckily, when the mood hit me, I was able to borrow and download it that same night.

I see the book in three parts: pre-Everneath, Everneath, and post Everneath. We also do not get to “see” Jack until at the end of the book or if he is in one of Nikki’s flashbacks and dreams. Cole is basically the guy we are tricked into rooting for. In fact, I felt sorry for him and I empathized with him as Nikki relives her memories with Jack. The last couple of pages immediately eradicates our sympathy for Cole, though.


The story starts slow for me and it became a little bit boring. It seems that Nikki has become Jack’s anchor and starts dreaming about him every night since he disappeared through the Tunnels. She also seems to have insulted Cole and is now looking for him desperately because she wants to go back to the Everneath. She also visits with Adonia’s descendant who, for the life of me, I can’t remember her name. This part reintroduces us to the reason as to why Nikki wants to save Jack, what happened after Jack left and Nikki’s desperation to get Jack back. It ran a little too long for me and I admit to skimming a few pages.


The next part which is the trip to Everneath was little bit exciting. There, we get to meet another Everliving, Ashe, who assists Nikki, Max, and Cole in their quest to navigate the three circles of the Everneath in order to get to the Tunnels. I was a little bit put out by the description of the Everneath. Although, Ashton did her best to describe what it would look like, I thought it was a bit happy, for lack of a better word. I expected it to be ala Dante’s Inferno and descriptions of the River Styx or creepy, or something sinister. However, that being said, Ashton did give us a little insight as to what would happen if you would defy the Queen. I also like how she wrote three circles (Water, Wind, & Fire), the challenges that each of them, especially Nikki, had to face. I also liked the fact that the challenges where more mental than physical which made me admire Nikki more.

It is also in this part where we get flashbacks of how Nikki and Jack fell in love. I have to admit that I did enjoy reading the flashbacks and how the flashbacks were used as Nikki’s compass in navigating the three circles.

By the end of their trip through the Everneath, we meet the Queen and find out who she really is. I was a little bit surprised when I found out who it was but I had an inkling as to who she really was since it was already alluded in this part. We also get to find out who Ashe really is

Post Everneath

The third part which is after their visit to the Everneath was my favorite and I owe it to the unexpected twist in the end. It really was the twist that did me in. It absolutely made sense. It made sense why Cole was being so solicitous and helpful to Nikki despite wanting her to be his and wanting her to be the next queen of the Everneath. It is in this part that we read about Nikki’s triumph in saving Jack and returning him to the surface and this is also where we read about her getting tricked by Cole in becoming an Everliving.

This is the book for you if you love: love triangles, Greek Mythology, unexpected twists