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Tempting Bella (Entangled Scandalous)

Tempting Bella - Diana Quincy This is the first time that I have read Diana Quincy and I enjoyed this lighthearted romance. In fact, it was a very quick read for me. I always love reading about arranged marriages getting their HEA and this one did not disappoint!

Mirabella and Sebastian were forced into marriage while she was 13 and he was 19 (is this even legal?). They did not know or meet each other beforehand and right after the ceremony was done, Sebastian was shipped back to school. Naturally, this was a marriage of convenience and for money.

Fast forward 6 years later when both of them meet by accident, each not knowing who the other was. Mirabella, “Bella” hasn’t met or laid eyes on her husband in those years and she has him pegged as a usurper to her fortune. Sebastian, on the other hand, has been literally acting the saint, claiming that it was his penance for what he did to Bella years ago.

I love ow the two finally found love. Although, I think that Sebastian’s “sainthood” is a little bit unbelievable. I see his perfect character as a flaw in the story and would have enjoyed it if he were a tad “bad.” Bella on the other hand, was quite a handful. And I guess this is why the author chose the hero to be this perfect because she is quite something: too independent for her own good but a little bit spoiled.

I gave it three hearts because of Sebastian being to perfect. Other than that, it is a fun ad refreshing lighthearted romance and I will be reading the first book of this series.