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The Secrets of Mia Danvers: A Dangerous Liaisons Novel (InterMix)

The Secrets of Mia Danvers (Dangerous Liaisons, #1) - Robyn DeHart I love books and movies that explore the gory and the sinister underbelly of England. Jack the Ripper is on the rise again and has been killing again – this time, serving girls or working girls instead of prostitutes. He has also moved his area and has left Whitechapel. The story starts as blind Mia Danvers is on her way home and witnesses a crime by the Ripper. Because she can’t see, her other senses are heightened and she is able to hear, and smell the crime. She runs to the estate of Alex Foster, the Eighth Duke of Carrington and informs him of what she has witnessed. Because Alex had been told that Mia, who has been living in a cottage at the edge of his estate unseen for almost 10 years, is crazy, he does not believe her. That is, until his footmen discover the body of his maid, who was apparently killed Jack the Ripper style, near the alley by his property. He starts questioning Mia again and becomes intrigued by this seemingly intelligent, and strong woman who was forgotten by everyone.

I absolutely love this story! It is heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time, with me falling in love with Alex and rooting for the very strong Mia Danvers to get her HEA. I even cried at certain parts of the story!

Mia, is a very strong, independent woman and has relied on herself for years with the help of Rachel her governess who had decided to stay with her when her mother left her at sixteen. Because of Mia’s blindness, all of London believes that she died in the accident a year before she turned sixteen. I loved how the author created this headstrong character and I immediately loved Mia from the start. Plus, I loved that she is a sculptor!

Alex was also the perfect match for Mia. Because he wasn’t the heir apparent, he had served in the war and I felt he did not put on a lot of airs. Once his brother died and he took over the Dukedom, he wanted no scandal to touch his family again and is trying to right the wrongs that was done by his older brother. I also loved that he was very involved in solving the crime and had decided that it was his responsibility to see the Ripper caught since one of his servants was the victim.

I absolutely loved the sparks that flew between Alex and Mia. Their verbal sparring was very well written and I felt that it was appropriate in the development of their whole romance and not just added just because.

Another thing that I loved is that she added a suspect that was near to Alex and Mia, Alex’s younger brother Drew (who is his half brother and Mia’s half brother as well). In fact, I actually thought that for a second that he would be the Ripper even though we all know that the Ripper has never been caught. However, I became interested in Drew’s character as the story and the crime started to unfold and hoped that he would have his own HEA.

I will definitely read more books in this series and I recommend it to those who love a good mystery! I am also looking forward to the next book in the series, Temptations of Anna Jacobs which features Drew and Anna, the sister of the Scotland Yard inspector assigned to the Ripper murders. I am also hoping that Rachel would have her own HEA since it is already hinted in this book that she might have her own story.