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A Million Suns: An Across the Universe Novel

A Million Suns - Beth Revis The Story
The sequel to Across the Universe, A Million Suns starts three months after Amy Martin woke up from being frozen the Cryo level. At this point, they have gotten rid of Phydus and stopped Orion from killing off all the frozen military personnel on Godspeed. Naturally, chaos ensues as the shipborns slowly “wake up” from the influence of Phydus. It is also at this time that Amy is given a wi-com by Doc which was made by Orion. Amy finds out that Orion had been leaving her clues as to the secret to Godspeed. While Elder tries to pacify the shipborns and to prevent a mutiny, secrets are revealed. As Amy follows the clues, it becomes apparent that she and Elder are slowly drifting apart. That is, until both of them find out that they have reached Centauri-Earth.

Apparently, the Shippers (those who are trained to guide the ship to reach Centauri-Earth) aren’t guiding the ship anywhere. It seems that Godspeed has been orbiting Centauri-Earth for 200 years and it did arrive on time. According to the vid left by Orion, the probes sent to Centauri-Earth all gave them info that despite the planet being habitable, there were monsters that were already living in the planet. This was at this time that the Elder system was started. There was also someone who doesn’t want Amy and Elder to find out that they had already reached the planet.

Amy and Elder decides to reveal the secret to everyone when the Shipper Level gets blown up. Narrowly escaping with their lives, the remaining people on board Godspeed look to Elder for answers. They find out that it was Doc (Godspeed’s physician), who was behind the attack in the Shipper Level and is sentenced to live aboard Godspeed. Elder also asks the people on board to choose to stay or go to the new planet. About 800 decide to stay with Bartie as their leader. The story ends with Elder, Amy, and the other shipborns leaving Godspeed.

My Thoughts
I really didn’t enjoy Across the Universe as much as I hoped and I was dragging to read the sequel. When it became available at the Los Angeles Public Library, I decided to borrow it. I thought A Million Suns was okay and a little bit fast paced than the first book. I felt Elder’s frustration and hopelessness in trying to control a ship with 2,000 plus souls older than him and expecting him to solve all their problems.

I also wasn’t impressed with Amy. She acted like a typical teenager who expected everything to be the same as it was on earth. Because she hated Godspeed, she didn’t understand that the people did not experience a life outside the ship walls and couldn’t understand that they wanted to be left there instead of going with them to Centauri-Earth.

I admit that the book was a little bit thrilling but it wasn’t what I expected. It became very hard to put the book down once I found out that they had already reached Centauri-Earth. When I finished A Million Suns, I immediately started reading Shades of Earth.

This is the book for you if you love: Sci-Fi, Dystopian-like society, Space Travel.

ebook borrowed from the Los Angeles Public Library