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When the Rogue Returns (The Duke's Men)

When the Rogue Returns (The Duke's Men, #2) - Sabrina Jeffries While I was a little bit disappointed with What the Duke Desires, the first book in The Duke’s Men Series, I was blown away by When the Rogue Returns. The premise caught my eye when I read it a few months back and I couldn’t wait. I wasn’t disappointed. I love the story of Victor and Isa and how they found each other again after 10 years. It wasn’t as emotional as some of Sabrina’s other books but I think it had a lot heart.

We first meet Victor Cale in What the Duke Desires and I found myself being intrigued by his story. I didn’t expect him to be the hero of the second book but I am glad that he is. Victor, having grown up with his father (the Duke of Lyons’ uncle) and his “brother” Peter in the continent, he doesn’t know that he is a cousin of the Duke. The secret about his life and identity is revealed in the first book and When the Rogue Returns starts a few months after Victor is established as the Duke’s cousin.

I really loved how the Victor and Isa’s story unfolded. The books main premise is of estranged spouses brought together by fate 10 years later. After being married at a young age in Amsterdam, they are separated by Isa’s family by lies and a crime. Isa, now calling herself Sofia Franke, has moved to Edinburgh and is now an established jewelry designer. Victor, now on his first assignment as a member of the Duke’s Men, is there to investigate Sofia at the behest of the Dowager Baroness Lochlaw.

Despite all the things that had happened 10 years before, Victor and Isa try to hide their feelings to each other but despite all that, they are still drawn to each other. Sabrina did a good job in giving both Victor and Isabelle a closure to their romance.

My only issue about this story is that I felt the ending was a bit rushed and that their reconciliation was also a bit rushed for my taste. Other than that, I loved it!

This is the book for you if you love: witty banter, a strong hero with a lot of baggage and a fiercely independent heroine with a lot of secrets to hide.

*ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review