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Undressed (The Manhattanites, #1)

Undressed (The Manhattanites, #1) - Avery Aster I did not like this book at all to a point that I skipped and skimmed a few of the pages. I have to give the author credit, though because I thought the plot was good, I love the premise of an Italian Prince and a commoner/successful fashion designer. The problem I had with the whole thing is the sex and the romance (or lack of).

Yes, I understand that this is an erotic romance but I did not expect it to be smut! I mean, for something that is slated to be a romance novel it had absolutely no romance at all! I just cannot imagine two people just getting in on (with the sex was not remotely romantic) and then falling in love with each other when there was absolutely no plausible reason for them to fall in love at all. Sure, they fell in lust with each other but it was definitely not love.

The story starts of with Lex being in a panic because her fabrics haven’t arrived yet from Massimo, a Prince from Milan who is apparently in a business producing fabric. She arrives in his villa in the Mediterranean and demands to see him and is left cooling her heels in a guest room until she leaves and confronts him in the pool area. An argument and apparently attraction ensues and so starts their highly sexual romance (or lack of).

This is precisely my problem with the story. The dialogue during sex was horrendous and is not worth reading at all. I actually skipped the pages because it lacked romance and a little bit disturbing, I thought. I also expected Lex not to give in to Massimo that very night because she was f—ing mad at him but apparently, she was just too overcome by his charm that she gave in.

Massimo comes of as a self-centered, control freak that wants to dominate Lex. This reminds me of the book Fifty Shades of Gray (which I haven’t read yet but based on the blurb and what others say pretty much sums up this book). I cannot, in all honesty, believe that Lex would fall for him. I mean, he doesn’t even seduce Lex for heaven’s sake and just demands that she follow his bidding and she falls in love with him? Ugh!

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