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The Seduction of Emily

The Seduction of Emily - Rachel Brimble This story was a slow start for me. I struggled a little through the whole book and there were a few times that I had to put the book down and then pick it up after a few hours.

I did enjoy the romance between Emily and Will and I thought they were a perfect match. Emily's strength of character and kindness was the perfect salve for Will's hatred and vengeance. I was a little bit irritated with Emily's attitude towards Nicholas and their arranged marriage. Also, I couldn't understand the change in Nicholas. I mean, if he was a friend to Emily and based on the backstory, he seemed like a nice person and I just can't understand how taking over the business would drastically change a person.

I also liked Will's drive to avenge his mother. He was a likable character even if he was a con artist.

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