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Seduced by Innocence (The Seduced Saga, Book 1 of Rose's Trilogy)

Seduced by Innocence (The Seduced Saga, Book 1 of Rose's Trilogy) - Karpov Kinrade This is the first book that I read by Kimberly Kinrade and I thought it was okay. I am not sure if I will read the next book in the series but I'll just see if I will be tempted enough to read it because of the cliffhanger in the end.

First of, I have to say that I hate the cover! I know the saying but still! See, when I go to a library or bookstore, I look at the cover first before I read the blurb in the back and this does not scream "read me!" The same goes for when I am virtually browsing books. I did love the small pictures (rose and wolf) before each chapter since each chapter is written in the POV of both protagonists. There are also quotes from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet before each chapter which I thought was a lovely addition, sort of like an introduction on what was to come.

That being said, I thought the book was okay. It was a pretty quick read for me and at 188 pages (epub). The story pretty much runs like Romeo and Juliet with a feud between two families of different "species" so I will not give a recap of how the story went. Rose, is a sheltered witch with an evil mother Rainbow (really, a better name for a villain should have been picked) who tries to control Rose and their coven. The book seems like a coming of age of both protagonists as both are trying to find out who they are.

When both of them meet, there is an instant attraction with Rose realizing that Derek is the one she has been dreaming of almost every night. Derek, on the other hand, tries to be a different person and change because Rose makes him a better person. I would have loved it more if the author explored more on the development of Rose and Derek's love.

I did like that the author wrote in Rose and Derek's POV because I love reading about a guys' POV. There is just something about reading in a male perspective that I think is more romantic because I kind of get an insight to what he was thinking. Plus, it's always great to have a chance to look at their mind.

I mostly read adult romances and occasionally read YA/NA romances but I thought this lacked a little bit of romantic development between Rose and Derek. I recommend this book to those who love to read about star-crossed lovers.

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