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A Bluestocking Christmas

A Bluestocking Christmas - Monica Burns I have always enjoyed books by Monica Burns and I immediately jumped at the chance to read this. I thought it would be an odd pairing to have a “Dickens-like” theme to a romance story but I thought it was very well executed despite it being a novella.

I enjoyed the interactions between Ivy and Simon and thoroughly enjoyed how their physical and emotional attraction blossomed. I fell in love with Simon off the bat. He is the typically emotionally scarred hero that I always fall in love with. Although he had a tendency to jump into conclusions (accusing Ivy of being a fortune hunter), he was my guy. The only drawback that I did not like about the story is Ivy herself. Although I liked her feisty attitude toward Simon, I did not warm up to her as I hoped.

I recommend this book to those who love second chances and short holiday romances.