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A Very Scandalous Holiday

A Very Scandalous Holiday - Amber Lin, Nancy  Fraser,  Sophia Garrett,  Crista McHugh Warning: This review may contain spoilers

“A unique mix of stories…it gives us a taste of each authors’ talents.”

This book is an anthology of four historical romances by different authors set at a different time in history that is basically centered around the holidays. I personally love the way the anthology is compiled as it gives the reader a taste of the different historical periods. It also adds to the variety of the book and gives the reader a taste of each authors’ talents. My favorite novella in the whole anthology has to be Letters at Christmas by Amber Lin. Regency is my favorite genre and I naturally gravitated toward it. Not only that, but despite it being a novella, I was able to relate with both characters. The other memorable novella in the anthology is Eight Tiny Flames by Crista McHugh. I loved reading about love during the WWII in the midst of the Nazi era. The other two are also great reads but I thought they were okay. I did not relate well to Rebecca and Andrew as I hoped I would. I am also excited to find new authors, which is a big plus for me in picking an anthology, most especially for authors that I have not read before. All in all I give the whole anthology ❤❤❤.

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