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Torment (Fallen, Book 2)

Udręka - Lauren Kate I was a little bit disappointed about this sequel. Again, this book left me hanging and there was still a lot of issues that were left unanswered.

To be honest, I am still a little bit puzzled about the development of Daniel and Luce's love story. True, they are destined to be together and have been falling in love in their past lives, but it was hard to believe how they fell in love in THIS life.

It also seemed that Luce was not that interested with Daniel since it was apparent that she was flirting with another Nephilim. It was just so confusing. Instead of developing Luce and Daniel's love and relationship, we got Luce sulking and holding on to Daniel who doesn't show himself.

Another thing that bothered me was how the book ended. It just left me hanging. I know there is another sequel and Miss Kate might have done this in purpose so the readers would anticipate the next book but I thought this was not appropriate. At least some answers should have been provided to the readers.

Overall, it was a good read. A little bit better than the previous one however it still left more to be desired. I rate this a 2.5.

Torment is the second book to Lauren Kate's Fallen Series. Fallen