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A Scoundrel's Surrender

A Scoundrel's Surrender - Jenna Petersen Marah and Caleb. Sigh. I had high hopes for this book, the third and last in the Billingham Bastards series but I found myself not warming up to both of the protagonists of thid story.

This story picks up a few years after Lessons from a Courtesan (not a part of the Billingham series but a connected book in this story) when Marah returns to London and meets Caleb again.

I was disappointed in the romance between Marah and Caleb. I felt that it wasn't developed well and that the book was just hurried and felt like Ms. Petersen just wanted to be done with the whole series.

That being said, I did enjoy it when Marah and Caleb had their HEA. I also enjoyed revisiting my favorite characters - Justin and Victoria (Lessons from a Courtesan), Simon and Lillian (What the Duke Desires), and Ann and Rhys (The Unclaimed Duchess).