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Midnight's Wild Passion

Midnight's Wild Passion - Anna Campbell At first, I did not like Antonia at all. Sure, I felt that she was acting appropriately when she said that she hated all rakes, ergo hating Lord Ranelaw however, there was just something about her that I just did not like. That is, until the end when I found out what she went through when she was disowned by her father.

I was a little surprized about what Antonia went through when she ran away with Johnny (the rake who broke her heart 10 years ago) and I was also puzzled why her brother didn't even bother to find her. I would have thought that a brother who was close to the sister would not take his father's word that his sister was dead without the body, right?

I didn't think that Lord Ranelaw was as tortured a hero as the others that I have read, but I empathized with him. There was just something about him that caught my attention and made me want to finish the book. I especially loved the part where Nicholas didn't even fight during the duel with Johnny.