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My Fair Mistress - Tracy Anne Warren This is perhaps one of my favorite books by Tracy Anne Warren. In fact, I believe this was the first book that I have read from her and she has become one of my auto-buy authors ever since. I have probably read this book about 5 times and I just love it. It's like every time I read it, I get sucked into the romance between Rafe and Julianna.

The way Miss Warren weaves in romance, love and lust in the book is believable in a sense that as a reader, you would think that this kind of situation would really happen in reality. I love how both characters grow in this story - most especially Julianna. She starts off as a very proper, sort of insecure widow and becomes this independent and strong woman. Although there is still a bit of damsel in distress in her, it is not as pronounced as other heroines I have read. Her ultimate devastation when Rafe leaves her is typically a reaction and again very believable. I can feel her anguish and to be honest, I always shed a tear when I get to this part no matter how many times I read it.

When they are forced to marry, I love how Miss Warren wrote in Julianna's initial reaction. Julianna tries to show indifference to Rafe. Of course, she still loves him but she does show how hurt she is from what he did.

I also love the hero, Rafe. Personally, I love reading about "rags to riches" heroes and Rafe is one of them. Rafe is also mentioned in other books (and I think other series) as one of the financiers that the gentlemen trust and use. He starts of an uncaring, self-centered rogue. Later in the story, you see him develop into a hero worthy of Julianna's love. I love how Ms. Warren wrote in his back story, how we the readers are slowly introduced to why Rafe is as uncaring as he is and we get to understand the reason why he left Julianna.

All in all this is a very enjoyable read that I love to read again (and I have been re-reading it). Perhaps when I have a chance, I would get a print copy of this book and perhaps have it signed by Miss Warren.

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