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Never Trust a Scoundrel

Never Trust a Scoundrel  - Gayle Callen This is the first book that I read by Gayle Callen and it was a bit of a let down. I had decided to read this when I saw that it was on sale and bought it on a whim.
Grace Banbury goes to London to try to salvage what is left of their inheritance when her mother gambles away everything in a card game. When she arrives in London, she discovers that their town house is empty and devoid of any servants and she also meets Daniel Throckmorten, the newest owner. Daniel, thinking that she is her brother's mistress, starts to make a proposition. When he finds out that she is Miss Banbury, he still persists and proposes that he seduce her to become his mistress. If she wins, she gets all her property back and if he wins, he gets her as his mistress and keeps the violin that was his fathers'. Grace agrees and then the seducing starts.

Personally, I thought the romance was a bit bleh. I loved both characters and was able to relate to them but I thought the whole proposition was a bit ridiculous. I would have thought the proposition would be that she become his mistress for two weeks, considering the stakes. But whatever.

We also get to read about Daniel's backstory and we meet his family when Daniel and Grace visit his manor. I actually liked Daniel and thought that his personality was very surprising considering his background and his reputation.

Although I thought the spats and encounters between the two were very interesting and there was a chemistry between them, but the story just fell flat for me. The ending did not have the impact that I had expected.