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Tempted by the Storm - Maxine Mansfield Tempted by the Storm is a very, very steamy fantasy romance. With Barbarians, Elves, Dwarves, magic, a festival called Carnalval, and a prophecy that needs to be fulfilled.

The heroine Larksong, is the youngest Barbarian Princess who is a little bit odd. She is not treated like a daughter by her parents because she is a spiritmaster - a human with powers. Lark is able to control the weather, depending on her moods, and is able to read and control people's mind. She gets convinced by her older sister Aryana to go to Carnalval (a sexual festival) where she meets a masked stranger and spends the night with him. Little does she now that he is Sarco, the High Elf betrothed to her sister, and a very complicated love triangle ensues.

I actually enjoyed this book. Although there were parts that I skimmed, this was pretty enjoyable all in all.

What I liked:

I really liked the plot and the steamy scenes. I loved reading about elves and magic. Although I liked Lark, I felt that she was just too complacent and too meek, especially when her parents put her down. I mean, I cannot blame her, though since she had been treated like this since she was a child.

I also loved reading about Aryana and Cyrrick, Sarco's brother. They played a major role in the meet-up of Lark and Sarco because they too, wanted to be together.

What I did not like:

I must say that I do not like the cover at all. I feel that the cover did not adequately portray Lark and Sarco. I also did not understand why Lark's parents where treating her. Despite it being a driving force of the story, I just wanted to kick Queen Allanna. I can't understand how a mother would treat a child like that. I also did not like the abruptness of the sex scenes. They were very heated but I thought it lacked a little romance.

All in all this was an enjoyable read.

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