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All Over You (Unforgettable You, #1.5)

All Over You (Unforgettable You, #1.5) - Beverley Kendall I read this book in a few short hours and I thought it was okay. I decided to buy this novella because I had already read the first book in the series, When in Paris... and I was very interested about Rebecca and Scott's story. We first meet the two in the When in Paris... where there appeared to be tension between the two.

This is pretty much a story of reconciliation between two exes. Apparently, these two did not have a good break-up, with Scott still wanting Becca back. Becca, on the other hand, is very hurt about what Scott did to her a year ago, is still trying to move on and forget him. They finally start to repair their relationship when Scott convinces Becca to give him a second chance. We read about Becca's back story - her relationship with her father who left her mom before she was born and Scott's mysterious family who he hardly ever mentions and Becca hasn't met yet.

I like how both protagonists have their own separate problems and how both of them try to help each other. Their back stories were also told seamlessly, despite this being a novella.

This is not a favorite of mine, though since it took me a while to warm up to Becca. I mean, I just wanted to shake her when she was just playing hard to get and giving Scott mixed signals. However, I thought Scott was a very well developed character. His aura of being a reformed bad boy was very irresistible to me and I liked that he was fighting for Becca even though it seemed that she did not want him back.

I will be waiting to read April's story when it comes out in the fall.