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Secrets in Time - Alison  Stuart Review on 4.29.13


Secrets in Time was a quick read for me. Since it is a Time Travel Romance, expect the impossible. Personally, I thought the story was ok. I wasn’t blown away by the whole Time Travel aspect of it. Probably because I am a skeptic when in comes to time travel.

The story starts with the hero Nathaniel Preston running from the enemy in 1645 and going over a wall to land in Jessica’s garden in the year 1995. The heroine ends up helping Nat and calling her brother, conveniently a history professor with expertise in the 1700s, and a member of a reenactment club. I just want to mention that Jessica is a pediatrician who used to date another doctor specializing in pediatrician heart surgery. I say this because this is in fact the reason why Nat has traveled to the present (with the help of his grandmother with unusual powers), to save his twin son with a congenital heart defect. Of course, he did not mean to fall in love but he did. He ended up traveling back in time with Jessica where the plan was revealed to her. This whole thing happened during the 350th anniversary of the battle of Chesham Bridge where Nat died. Predictably, Jess was able to save Nat and his son Christian and was able to travel back to the future. Enter her ex, the surgeon, who was able to do the surgery on the child (even without the right papers and identification) and also reported Nat to the immigration.

I thought the whole story was presented to us in a neat little bow, with everything coming into place very conveniently for my taste. There wasn’t any surprises in the book but a weird twist in the end that I thought was pushing it. The author did try her best to solve the problem of Nat with no identification and birth certificate. When she added in an old man with no family and the last of the Preston line, I thought this was just too convenient. I realize that traveling and staying in the future would bring about problems of ID and other info as opposed to traveling and staying in the past. I also want to add that even though this is a romance novel, it has a heat level of 1, with no description of the sex at all. I rate this book a 2.5-3 hearts.